Our bentonite cat litter, also known as clumping cat litter, is 100% natural and their bad odor detaining level is above 50%.

We provide a much more hygienic and much more comfortable environment both to our cat pals and their owners with our cat litter that we made ready for use through advanced technology.

Our bentonite cat litter, also known as clumping cat litter, is 100% natural and their bad odor detaining level is above 50%. Our bentonite series cat litter is extremely hygienic because they are produced through thermal process and they are also freed from dust by using double sieving system. Our dust level is lower than 0,5% that is much below than the litter available in market.


We produce our bentonite series cat litter in 5 different granule sizes and we benefit from organic and natural materials even in the additives used for product diversification.
Thus, we take care of maintaining its naturalness. We provide our consumers with different scent options by adding different perfumes to each product.

Furthermore, we produce Clinical Series products for our more sensitive consumers. These include especially our “activated carbon” product having a bad odor control level of 90% and our “antibacterial” product having extra bacteria eliminating property for the bacteria present in stools of cats.

In addition, we meet the expectations of our consumers with our diatomite cat litter that is also known as non-clumping cat litter and preferred at homes with many cats and that has high liquid absorption capacity.

Bentonite Series


0,60 – 1,60 mm

Ultra Compact

Cat paws sense the litter softer because its granule size is close to the thickness of sea sand. Ultra Compact product is more flat and clumps better compared to other products. Its liquid absorbing capacity is very high. That’s why, it provides economy in consumption. It has an ideal granule size especially for the kittens.


0,60 – 1,80 mm

Super Compact

It clumps and absorbs liquid well because it has thin granule size. Clumping is thin and flat due to homogenous granule distribution. It is a very ideal product for adult cats with sensitive paws.


0,60 – 2,25 mm


It is the clumping size that is most seller in the market. Its clumping is round like a snowball rather than being flat as compared to other products. Its liquid absorbing capacity is high. It is rather ideal for adult cats.


2,0 – 4,0 mm


This has the weakest liquid absorption and clumping capacity compared to other clumping granule sizes. Clumps may break upon paw impact because of their weakness. It is more difficult for the cats to scatter the litter because of its coarse granule size. Furthermore, the granules do not stick to the paws, eliminating transfer and ensuring also ideal usage for long hair cats.


0,6 – 4,0 mm

Coarse Plus

Clumping is more round and like a bigger snow ball compared to the coarse product owing to the compact granules. Liquid absorption capacity is sufficient and transfer of granules by cats is not as much as coarse but less. This is the granule size that is recommended for cat owners sensitive to scattered granules.



1,0 – 7,0 mm

Coarse XL

Granule sizes of non-clumping litter should be larger as distinct from bentonite litter. It does not show clumping property but it absorbs liquid in its body. Furthermore, it detains the odor to a specific level. It is the best natural product alternative to silica (crystal) cat litter that contains chemicals.

We meet packaging needs of our customers
through 9 different packaging lines available in our plant

Our packaging capacity for cat liter is 120.000 mt/year.